Interdisciplinary Innovation

Being here at Exponential Medicine 2016 and seeing all the different presentations, makes it more and more transparent for me that „Health“ might be one of the next waves when you look at it from the point of view of the the Kondratiev waves theory. He was an economist and basicly he said in the beginning of the 20th century that economies have long term cycles (50-60 years) of boom followed by depression.

But why is this important for us today?

„Digitalization“ and other topics could be seen as a wave too, but they are not isolated but can be seen as a „carrier“ for other technologies and insights to come, or as the motor for the current innovation epoche, bringing tools that allow new visions to be created in different areas, where more waves start to exist. With increasing knowledge and information, the Kondratiev waves are getting closer to each other, overlapping each other and more and more influencing each other. The effects of exchange of information and knowledge have an enormous influence on this and interdisciplinary exchange is becoming more and more important.


„Health“ right now is at least as much important as „digital“, because it affects us all, some more, some less. The value „health“ will still exist, even when money or currencies are not any longer that much relevant to us. Health with all it’s aspects like mental health, spiritual health and a healthy body, will become more and more relevant, because this is what we are as a person to others.

The digital wave will come to it’s hight with the creation of a quantum computed AI, changing the rules of this industry and creating tons of new insights and solutions for all kinds of different branches in a very, very short time. Also for health.

Being healthy is one of the basics needs in Maslow’s Pyramid and as other basic needs like food and sexuality it has a very high value and is super relevant for us. Companies having used the current digital wave to grow and having very good strategic planners like Google, Facebook or others are aware of the fact, that they need to adopt to the waves to „win the game“or even play a further role in it. For this reason, Facebook is building an own research lab for medical treatment and Google has „verily“ for it’s healthcare business, having very close connections to the whole branch. What big pharma has not realized yet, is that Google, Facebook and others have already won the „digital wave“ and with this have the perfect starting position to participate in the new waves to come as long as they are open to adopt.

First automotive companies start thinking about implementing health solutions in their cars and making healthy services available. The banking industry realizes that their business model has to change and this is why they start thinking about implementing health records into blockchain digital currencies to create a digital value by itself.

But a lot of companies ask the wrong question! Their question is:

How can we adopt to the system to keep our power and make money?“

The right question they should ask is:

„What can we offer to find solutions with our experience?“

Sooner or later, the ones who will not ask the question out of a user/customer/patient – centered perspective will be out of the market and out of the game.

Maybe the future Google product is – even more than it is right now – a user-centered solution for all kinds of services to find in the right time and at the right place.

A key component for future success are interdisciplinary connections between branches and skills provide the best opportunity to generate something relevant. Scientists, innovative and creative thinking people, software developers and others from all kinds of branches need to come together to find new solutions for existing problems. When you can generate this kind of environment, you might have a good future. I deeply belief, that now comes a time where collaboration, information exchange and openminded thinking between branches and professions brings the biggest upsights. These aspects are accelerating innovation development further more than intra-disciplinary aims.

Therefor I founded „Science Innovation“ to establish platforms where interdisciplinary exchange can happen and can be integrated in daily life. Please contact me for more information.

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