„Science Innovation“ mainly is an idea to enable interdisciplinary innovation. It all started with the vision to create a platform, where ideas could be checked, prototyped or realized. It is not a classical accelerator program with own commercial interests.

The vision is to found a platform of highly excellent exchange of thoughts from different point of views. This – so far imaginary place – „The Garden“ is a place where abilities, skills and knowledge come together in a random way, to create and grow new ideas without fear.

Our vision is to establish a workshop kind of place in the Stuttgart area where interdisciplinary exchange can happen and companies can onboard by partnering and using the lab capabilities and office infrastructure.

To make this vision happen, we are currently looking for partners and investors who see this approach also as a good basis to bring innovation on a good level.

We selected the Stuttgart area because so many world-market leaders have their headquarter there. Just to sum up a few: Daimler, Schott, Stihl, Kärcher, Porsche, Bosch and many many others.