Julian Weinert – Founder

Julian is a visionary and innovative thinking optimist and the founder of the Science Innovation initiative. Besides his activity at Science Innovation, he is founder of several healthcare startups and consultant for various Big Pharma companies as well as Healthcare Startups.

Since the plan to create a foundation out of the initiative, several other professionals in their subject joined the team.


Raphael Stange – Co-Founder

Raphael is a Marketing Guru and Co-Founder of the Science Innovation Initiative. Besides this project his profession and passion is in automotive marketing and apps. With his background as CEO in the App Gaming Industry and as CMO for companies like SIXT and Car2Go, he knows exactly what it needs to survive in the though automotive industry.




Benjamin Nuebel – Co-Founder

Benjamin is a creative mastermind and co-founder of the Science Innovation Initiative. Having worked for almost all branches in finding clever strategy and marketing solutions, Benjamin is shares the vision of generating innovations by interdisciplinary exchange of thoughts.



Wolfgang Bock – Co-Founder

Wolfgang is an IT Expert and CEO of several IT companies. Focused on automation solutions for the house building industry as well as all health – IT topics, he knows the Software Developers way of thinking.



Isam Haddad – Co-Founder

Isam is specialized in Bioinformatics, having experience in working for high-tech biotech startups and developing new ideas and technologies. Besides Science Innovation, he is the Co-Founder and CTO at Sanalytica.